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The Andrew & Laura McCain Gallery, Bristol, NB  2007

clip clop of horses

I found myself in the painting

the summer field


馬ぼくぼく 我を絵に見る 夏野かな    

uma bokuboku / ware wo e ni miru / natsuno kana

Image of Procession installation from 2007
Gallery view of installation

A procession is nostalgic, organized and solemn; I’ve made this one in particular to outwardly mirror my method of personal re-invention and my decision to narrow focus within a moment of time and living. These horses linger and move towards each other in a joyous single-minded procession, innocent, seeking a mirror. In art churns the issue of content over form . Can there be a balance, leaning to content, a careful unabashed essay of beauty? 

Unlike human portraiture bound by expectations, these animals are inventions, and as content walk free of anything one would ever expect, just something of a quiet understanding we all share. 

A sort of nostalgia for innocence, and wonder at the forms nature takes.

5 Meeting
1 Walking
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